My Greatest "accomplishment" - having an awesome relationship with my daughter, my step-daughters, and their families!

Among the many "professional" things I've studied and worked with, I'm proud I've:
  1. Earned my Master's degree in Medical Qigong Therapy
  2. Been Certified as a Professional Recovery Coach
  3. Become a Mental Fitness Coach and Trainer (see PositiveIntelligence.com)
  4. Earned a Certification in Conversational Intelligence ("The Neuroscience of Conversations")
  5. Become certified as a Hypnotherapist (3 different styles so far - fascinating stuff!)
  6. Earned an Honours Acupuncture Therapy diploma (not currently registered) 
  7. Had the privilege of working with and helping so many people make great improvements in their lives!

"Formative" experiences...

My adoptive father died when I was 6 from pancreatic cancer. My mother and I then moved into a duplex with her parents. In the summers, I was sent to a skill development camp for 2 months, where I began developing my love for nature, canoeing, and swimming.

In my mid-twenties, I walked into a room of clowns, where I was recruited! That began a set of adventures, learning juggling and various circus skills, which I used to support myself with as a street performer throughout Expo 86, in Vancouver. Highlights included sharing a dressing room and rehearsal space with Cirque Du Soleil, and performing for Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

I saw that I wasn't going to match the skills of the many great performers I encountered, so I set on learning business administration, which led into computer sales and technical support.

From there, franchise sales, retail management, and then into a position as an Addictions Counsellor. I interned as a Sexual Offender counsellor for several years, and then went into 8 years of talk therapy counselling. I was the supervisor of the counselling department for 8 funeral homes, working with a large corporation.

I was certified as a Guerilla Marketing Coach in 2003, which I have used for years as a base-line understanding of coaching ever since.

I got so I wanted to find a better way than just talk therapy, and discovered the marvellously powerful and effective technique of Japanese Acupressure. After becoming a Practitioner, then a teacher, I proceeded to begin studying Acupuncture and simultaneosly did a 3 year Masters of Medical Qigong, graduating from both programs in 2009. 

I then went on to study and practice Japanese and Sports Medicine acupuncture, as well as Korean, French, and German acupuncture styles.

I was a Registered acupuncturist in Ontario until 2015, and then shifted into using both my counselling, acupressure, and Medical Qigong, as I studied Hypnotherapy. This led into my enchantment and skill development with Neuroscience, which has been central ever since.


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